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ARQ AR-96 Firmware Version 2.0 Update

When we released the ZOOM ARQ Aero RhythmTrak AR-96 in July 2016, we broke all tradition.

With its loop-shaped design and innovative hand-held Ring Controller with touch PADs and interactive LEDs, ARQ ushered in an entirely new way to compose and perform electronic music.

Now, a  year on, Zoom is ready to unveil the AR-96 Firmware V2.0 Update which brings a slew of improvements and added functions that make the ARQ experience even more enthralling. Here’s what the new firmware offers:


  • An overall re-styling of graphics and icons used on the AR-96’s main LCD offers a more intuitive user’s experience with the instrument
  • Images on LCD and actions from the Ring Controller are now seamlessly integrated providing a user-friendly approach to Pattern and Song making
  • Sound parameters can now be accessed instantly and edited on the fly through the ARQ’s enhanced onboard Knobs and Cursor buttons
  • In addition, you can expand the ARQ with your own original samples by importing WAV files into the internal synth engine’s OSCillator and edit them like a Sampler
  • A fully-editable Arpeggiator is now available and the Accelerometer functions are expanded for controlling the ring Controller’s sound parameters and effects
  • Integration with Mac/PC has been taken a step further with all parameters now assignable to MIDI Out (via USB-MIDI port) from the Base Station and Ring Controller. You can record your own electronic music from the ARQ directly into the bundled Ableton Live Lite software
  • Finally the AR-96 Editor is made available for viewing and accessing all functions through your Mac screen in the studio or on your laptop during live performance


Click here (PDF/380KB) to check out a breakdown of the enhanced user interface and new functions implemented in AR-96 firmware V2.0.


Download the AR-96 firmware V2.0 and AR-96 Editor for Mac



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