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For Immediate Release

F8 Firmware v2.00 Update

System version 2.00 for the Zoom F8 has been released.
The firmware update includes the following:


Function Updates

  1. Added Trim Knob option that enables adjusting fader/pan settings with input trim knobs.
  2. Added the function of moving the previously recorded take to the new FALSE TAKE folder.
  3. Expanded Function Shortcuts as well as Shortcut List Menu.
  4. Added the function of selecting alphabet letters for the scene number.
  5. Added Trim Link function for adjusting the input levels of multiple tracks simultaneously.
  6. Added the function of editing track name in Meta data.
  7. Added the function of showing track names on the level meters.
  8. Added the function that enables selecting “Scene_***” for the format of take name.
  9. Added the function of adjusting L/R track volume.
  10. Added SOLO function that enables monitoring signals of specific tracks only during playback.
  11. Added sound report function for exporting CSV format file including recorded take information etc.
  12. Changed the location of Next Take menu on MENU>REC>Next Take to MENU>META DATA (for next take).
  13. Added the function of applying edits of the selected card to the other card when two SD cards are inserted.
  14. Changed the track order of Poly WAV recorded files from Tr1, Tr2, …, Tr8, L, R to L, R, Tr1, Tr2, …, Tr8.


Bug Fixes

  1. Audio clock is out of sync when stopping input of Time Code with Ext Audio Clock Sync turned ON.
  2. Time Code on recorded file is shifted when Pre Rec function is ready.
  3. Time Code is not recorded on Artist Name of ID3 field of MP3 recorded files.
  4. Improved the volume change rate of headphone knob.


Download the latest F8 firmware.




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