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"With over 35 years of experience in field recording, nothing matches the Zoom H6's ability to capture the highest quality audio, dynamics, and subtlety.
It is the most versatile, rugged and reliable piece of gear in my arsenal "

Frank Serafine is a renowned sound designer, sound supervisor, composer and sound editor who has created effects for hundreds of movies including Star Trek, Tron, Poltergeist, and The Hunt for Red October, which won an Academy Award for Best Sound Effects Editing. He has also done sound design for many popular television shows and video games such as the original Grand Theft Auto.  

As a musician, Serafine studied jazz and classical music growing up in Colorado. From the self-styled, futuristic sounds and music he lent to Disneyland's Space Mountain pavilion to the innovative underwater and submarine effects he created for Red October, Serafine has built a long and successful career at the forefront of cutting-edge technology. Based high in the mountains northeast of Los Angeles, Serafine's company, Honey Hills Music & Sound, offers a wide range of field recording and post-production services and operates a world-class mobile recording studio which is fully equipped for both high-definition video and high-resolution 5.1 surround sound. 





Frank Serafine


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Frank Serafine