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Featured Creator: Jérôme Dolbert

The Rainforests are Under Threat A Documentary by Jérôme Dolbert

Jérôme Dolbert is a cinematographer and a film director who has developed a documentary depicting how the rainforests of Peru are under threat due to excessive deforestation and how it is impacting the wildlife there. Jérôme has worked for some of the most well known media houses in Europe and has earned a lot of accolade for his works.

Although Jérôme had a limited budget, he did not compromise on the quality of images for his documentary. He roped in support of nine sponsors and spent 25 days in the rainforests of Peru along with 80 Kg of equipment accompanying him. He left for the trip on October 28, 2014 and returned on November 17, 2014.

The rainforests in Peruvian Amazon is home to a number of species of birds and animals as well as plants, which are not found elsewhere. However, now the rainforest is the victim of deforestation, gold miners, timber forest, and poaching which is causing a depletion of the varied ecosystem.


For that documentary he wanted to bring back very impressive footage: go everywhere, to go in illegal, dangerous areas, where the mafia, often protected by police corruption, or by the local authorities, extracts wood or gold without any respect for the forest and local wildlife.

In this area "La Pampa, in Peru's Madre de Dios region" along the Inambari River, mercury is used to search for gold. It is used to isolate and collect the gold from the rocks in which it is inlaid. Just in this area "La Pampa" 50,000 hectares (100,000 acres) of tropical forest have been cleared in the last 8 years. In these areas, people never give interviews, they are afraid; there is one death a day ... The Madre de Dios region is home to 40,000 illegal miners.

In these mining areas, mercury reached forests and lakes, destroying wildlife and flora. Nothing grows back after its passage, everything is polluted: water, soil, plants, fish, ... These discharges cause a significant disruption of the ecosystem.


Jérôme conducted the shooting in two parts; the first part was on the dangers for the wildlife. For instance, within the Ecological Reserve of Taricaya, scientists come to work to care for animals, which have been made sick or injured by man-related causes. They can receive a monkey which had one of its body parts cut off with a hatchet, or which was shot in the thigh, or lungs. The second part was to work on the deforestation in Peru, although it was a very dangerous part of his shooting. Jérôme was able to get some important images and footage.


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About Jérôme Dolbert
Jérôme Dolbert was born and raised in Paris, France and begin making 8mm films at the tender age of 10. He has a solid experience of 15 years in the entertainment industry, broadcast media and multi- media and in TV commercials. He is a director, writer, producer, and editor and thus has extensive expertise. He has completed a program in film direction and graduated from UCLA. His core expertise includes Entertainment Media, Broadcast Industry, and Media Production.

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Jérôme Dolbert in Peru