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Featured Creator: Mark Lanza

Mark Lanza MPSE is the sound designer for Sony Pictures Television, he has worked for major studios as well as several prominent independent sound facilities during his career. He has crafted sound for many directors including Oliver Stone, James Cameron, Bryan Singer, and Phillip Noyce. His credits cover the gamut from Sci-Fi blockbusters like Independence Day and Starship Troopers to Natural Born Killers and True Lies. He has won a Bafta Award for JFK, and recently took home a Hollywood Post Alliance award for his supervision on the Grimm TV show. He has over 25 MPSE nominations including a recent one for his supervision on Homeland for Showtime. He also serves as the Vice President of the Motion Picture Sound Editors.

Two exciting, new television projects that benefit from Mark's rich experience are Fox's incredibly successful Freshman show, "Empire" (created by Lee Daniels and Danny Strong), as well as Sony PlayStation Network's first episodic series, "Powers." The show, based on the comic book of the same name, centers on Detective Christian Walker (Sharlto Copley) of the homicide department’s Powers Division, a law enforcement branch dedicated to bringing super-powered criminals to justice.

One of Mark's tools for bringing the super-powered show to life was the ZOOM H6. Here's what Mark had to say about it...

"I have Zoom H6 recordings all over the show, especially the main element, and my favorite effect, Johnny Royale's signature "blip" sound.

It was described in the script as the sound of air being displaced in the room.

I had a six foot section of PVC pipe and the H6 with the shotgun microphone up against one end and I has blowing through the other end with my headphone cord stretched tight so I could hear the sounds as I was making them. I tried many different techniques until I heard the one I liked. I recorded several similar ones for the 'blip in' and 'blip out'.

My wife walked into my home studio while I was doing this and took one look, shook her head and just closed the door.

There is a distinctive ripping sound from the air blowing past the mic followed by a blowback sound.

I married this to a few other elements including a water drip, but the featured sound is the one I recorded with my Zoom H6."

"Powers" is now available to stream on the Sony Playstation Network, and the first episode can also be viewed on YouTube. "Empire" wraps its successful first season March 18, 2015 on Fox.


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