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For Immediate Release

Firmware Update: V3.0 for the MS-50G


With its compact design and 100 custom guitar effects, the MS-50G gives you the power of a multi-effects pedal and the flexibility of an amp modeler. And now with Firmware V3.0 and MS-50G Effect Manager for Mac and PC, you can access even more ways to craft the perfect guitar tone.

In addition to the 100 factory-loaded effects your MS-50G has already, Firmware V3.0 adds 72 new amp, reverb, delay, overdrive, filter, and modulation effects. These include emulations of Marshall 1959, Big Muff Pi, the Ibanez TS808, Corona Tri-Chorus, and so much more. For more details, please check the MS-50G V3.0 Effects List (link to PDF).

All 172 effects can now be viewed, managed, and downloaded on your Mac or PC with MS-50G Effect Manager.


Firmware V3.0 and MS-50G Effect Manager are available to download for free at


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