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Frank Morrone & Mark Lanza: Captain Power Trailer


Award-Winning Re-Recording Mixer Frank Morrone and Sound Designer Mark Lanza Team Up with a Zoom F8 for New Captain Power Reboot

Recently, professional re-recording mixer Frank Morrone and sound designer Mark Lanza used a Zoom F8 MultiTrack Field Recorder to capture sound for the new Captain Power television reboot.



In the reboot, titled Phoenix Rising, Captain Jonathan Power and his army of soldiers transform into armored beings in their fight to protect the earth. To convey the importance and depth of those transformations, Morrone and Lanza relied on the power of a Zoom F8 and the unique sounds of a car crusher.



“We wanted to capture the RAW sound of metal crunching and crushing for the suits as they formed around the body. The recording is exactly what we were after. The preamps on the Zoom handled the dynamic range the microphones provided of the crusher easily and captured the bottom and top end beautifully,”  Morrone said.



Intent on capturing the car crusher's sound from every angle, Morrone and Lanza utilized as many channels on the F8 as they could. They attached two Crown piezo contact microphones to the crusher and also had a Neumann RSM 191 stereo MS microphone, a matched pair of Scheops CMC64 with MK4 Capsules, a Sennheiser 416, and a Shure SM58 on hand.

The sounds Morrone and Lanza were able to capture with the F8 will be used throughout the series.



Frank Morrone is an award-winning re-recording mixer who has worked on a variety of films and television series, including The Strain, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, Sleepy Hollow, and LOST.

Mark Lanza, who is one of Zoom’s Featured Creators, is a sound designer for Sony Pictures Television. His credits include Natural Born Killers, True Lies, and Starship Troopers.

You can check out the Phoenix Rising teaser trailer in the video below:




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