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For Immediate Release


For users of the G5n, G3n and G3Xn, Zoom Guitar Lab offers monthly updates featuring new Amp+Cabinet combinations, Stompboxes, and preset patches.

Here’s a list of new patches, emulators, and effects featured in the September 2017 release:



  • MS 45os - This models the sound of the Marshall JTM45 offset.
  • MS4x12AL - This models the sound of a Marshall JTM45 offset half stack cabinet with four 12" Celestion G12 Alnico speakers.


  • BlackOpt - This is a simulation of the Demeter COMP-1 Compulator. Added parameters allow you to adjust the tone.
  • UpOctBSTR - This effect adds an upper octave to the original sound. We recommend using the front guitar pickup.
  • OutputBST - We improved the ZOOM G5n OUTPUT BOOSTER as an effect.
  • ICE Delay - This effect combines pitch shifting and delay.



* New Amp, Cabinet, and Stompboxes available for download via the Zoom Guitar Lab software.



  • MS Blues - This primitive blues rock sound uses MS 45os and is tailored for amps.
  • MS Blues_L  (for REC) - This primitive blues rock sound uses MS 45os and is tailored for recording.
  • HITMAKER - BlackOpt is used in this sound for rhythm chucking in the style of Nile Rodgers.
  • Bagpipe - This bagpipe-like lead sound uses UpOctBSTR.
  • Red Tube - This warm rock sound in the style of Brian May uses OutputBST.
  • FantasyDLY - ICE DELAY is used for this magical delay sound.




Download the newest G5n patches 

Downloadl the newest G3n patches

Download the newest G3Xn patches



About Zoom North America:
Zoom North America is the U.S. affiliate of the Zoom Corporation (Japan). The company prides itself on offering its customers the very highest level of service and support.

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