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About compatibility with mac OS Catalina

As of November 11th 2019, our product compatibility with macOS Catalina (v10.15) is as follows.


Yes: Compatible / No: Not Compatible


MultiTrack Field Recorders
F8n: Yes
F8: Yes
F6: Yes
F4: Yes
F1: Yes


Handy Recorders
H6: Yes
H5: Yes
H4n Pro: Yes
H3-VR: Yes
H2n: Yes
H1n: Yes


Handy Video Recorders
Q8: Yes
Q4n: Yes
Q2n-4K: Yes
Q2n: Yes


Audio Interfaces
GCE-3: Yes
TAC-8: Yes
TAC-2R: Yes
TAC-2: Yes
UAC-8: Yes
UAC-2: Yes
U-44: Yes
U-24: Yes
U-22: Yes


Digital Live Mixers
L-20R: Yes
L-20: Yes
L-12: Yes
L-8: Yes


Multi-Track Recorders
R24: Yes 
R16: Yes 
R8: Yes


Guitar Effects Pedals
G5n: Yes
G3n/G3Xn: Yes
G1 FOUR/G1X FOUR:Yes (Updated)
G1on/G1Xon: No


Acoustic Effects Pedals
AC-3: Yes
AC-2: Yes


Bass Effects Pedals
B3n: Yes
B1 FOUR/B1X FOUR:Yes (Updated)
B1on/B1Xon: No


Vocal Effects Pedal
V6: Yes


MultiStomp Pedals
MS-50G: Yes
MS-60B: Yes
MS-70CDR: Yes


TAC-8 MixEfx: Yes
TAC-2 MixEfx: Yes
UAC-8 MixEfx: Yes
UAC-2 MixEfx: Yes
HandyShare: Yes
MS Decoder(64bit): Still Testing
Guitar Lab: Yes
ZOOM Ambisonics Player: Yes
MS-50G EffectManager: Yes
ARQ Editor: Yes


About Zoom North America:
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