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New Product: G3Xn and G3n Multi-Effects Processors


Zoom’s New  G3Xn and G3n Multi-Effects Processors Allow Guitarists to Create Without Limits

New multi-effects processors offer incredibly realistic effect, amp, and cabinet emulators with an easy-to-use design

January, 19, 2017 — Zoom North America today unveiled the new G3Xn and G3n, two multi-effects processors that offer guitarists creative freedom with incredibly realistic stompbox, amplifier, and cabinet emulations. With versatile sounds that span genres, the G3Xn and G3n allow guitarists to explore new and interesting playing styles.

The G3Xn and G3n are loaded with 70 DSP effects and 10 of the most faithful amp/cabinet emulators that Zoom has ever created. The pedals are also equipped with 75 custom-designed factory patches as well as 68 built-in rhythm patterns and an 80-second looper—everything guitarists need to free themselves of creative boundaries. Both pedals let guitarists use up to seven effects and amp/cabinet models simultaneously, chained together in any order they like. And the G3Xn includes a built-in expression pedal that offers additional control over parameters and effects.

An easy-to-use and highly portable design makes both the G3Xn and G3n perfect for practicing, playing, and recording anywhere. Plus, their intuitive knobs and switches provide enhanced control and deliver the responsive, hands-on feel of a standard pedalboard full of boutique stompboxes. To quickly edit tones and craft unique sounds, three independent editing displays are easily accessible on the interface. And a standard guitar input, auxiliary stereo input, dedicated headphone jack, and stereo outputs allow the G3Xn and G3n to be integrated into any rig.

The units include free Zoom Guitar Lab software which enables guitarists to manage new patches as well as download effects and amp/cabinet simulators. 

The Zoom G3Xn and G3n will be available in stores January 2017. For more information, visit and, or contact Zoom North America at



About Zoom North America:
Zoom North America is the U.S. affiliate of the Zoom Corporation (Japan). The company prides itself on offering its customers the very highest level of service and support.

For more information, please visit or contact Zoom North America at

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