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How do you want to record today?

The H6 is the most versatile portable recorder ever… which means it can handle virtually any kind of recording job, whatever the environment, whatever the application. Here are just some examples of how you can use your H6.

Live concert recording

Capture the performance on a whole new level.

Do more than just record the show: Document the experience. Use the X/Y capsule to capture the overall sound in stereo, then use the other four inputs for a direct feed from the mixing board, or for external spot mics to pick up specific instruments and the room sound. With the H6, you can relive that great performance night after night.

capture the overall performance in stereo

In this example, the XYH-6 X/Y capsule is being used to capture the overall performance in stereo. In addition, a stereo feed from the mixer is being sent to Inputs 1 and 2 in order to record the signal coming from the board, and a pair of external mics is connected to Inputs 3 and 4 to pick up the room and audience sound.

Location Videography

Get the sound that completes the scene.

Whether you slide it onto your camera strap or attach it directly to your DSLR with our Hot Shoe mount, the H6 is the essential audio recorder for location videography. Its supplied MSH-6 mic capsule and onboard MS decoding, plus the ability to record up to 6 tracks simultaneously, gives you plenty of options in post-production.

capture the main sound source in stereo

In this example, the MSH-6 MS capsule is being used to capture the main sound source in stereo, with external boom and lavalier mics (connected to Inputs 1 and 2) focused on the talent providing narration. Another pair of external mics is connected to Inputs 3 and 4 and are being used to record a second stereo image, this one of the other performers in the scene. By using the MS capsule, you can later use the H6's onboard MS decoder to adjust the width of the main stereo image in post-production.

Electronic Newsgathering

Deliver the full story, down to the last detail.

Extend your range with the optional SGH-6 Shotgun mic. Get every word of that headline-making interview. Capture breaking news with maximum impact, then mix and prepare the audio for broadcast while still in the field.

capture the news event itself

In this example, the SGH-6 Shotgun mic capsule is being used to capture the news event itself, recorded on the L/R tracks. Two external handheld mics for the interviewer and interview subject are connected to Inputs 1 and 3, with backup external lavaliers connected to Inputs 2 and 4. The H6’s low-cut filter can be used to reduce wind noise and its compressor/limiter employed to condense the dynamic range and thus make the audio more television-friendly. The six recorded tracks can then be mixed down internally to a stereo MP3 file for microwave or satellite transmission to the broadcast facility.

Making Music

Make every chord, every note, every riff really sing.

Plug in the optional EXH-6 Dual XLR/TRS capsule and your H6 becomes a personal 6-track studio with six discrete line- or mic-level inputs, each with its own volume control and pad. Record and overdub up to 99 takes in high-resolution audio, then mix down to a stereo MP3 for posting to your favorite website.

a stereo submix of the mics covering the drum kit is being fed from a PA mixer to the L/R inputs of the H6 via an EXH-6 capsule

In this example, a stereo submix of the mics covering the drum kit is being fed from a PA mixer to the L/R inputs of the H6 via an EXH-6 Dual XLR/TRS Combo capsule. The four main H6 inputs are used as follows: the lead singer's mic is connected to Input 1; a microphone positioned in front of the guitar amp is connected to Input 2; a direct signal from the bass player's active electric bass is connected to Input 3; and an electronic keyboard is connected to Input 4. Thus, each instrument and vocal is receiving a track of its own (or, in the case of the drums, two tracks). The H6's built-in tuner ensures that everyone in the band stays perfectly in tune, and its metronome will help keep even the unsteadiest drummer on the beat.