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ZOOM We're For Creators®

Zoom is committed to putting high-quality sound in the hands of creators everywhere. Since 1983, we’ve earned a solid reputation for always having our fingers on the pulse of great audio.

From our award-winning handheld recorders to our highly regarded guitar pedals, Zoom produces a wide range of devices to help creators reach their highest potential. Today we do what we’ve always done: keep the creators in our industry top-of-mind as we continue to design new products and foster innovation.

Handheld Recorders

Zoom’s handheld recorders offer you the high-quality features and convenient portability you need to record audio for film, music, podcasting, and more.

Zoom H1

A compact recorder with a built-in 90-degree X/Y stereo mic and a backlit LCD display.
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Zoom H2n
Includes five built-in mics and four recording modes. Great for capturing surround sound for VR.
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Zoom H4n Pro
A portable recorder with four audio tracks and support for plug-in power. For film, music, podcasts, and more.
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Zoom H5
Portable four-track recorder with interchangeable mic capsules. Perfect for music, podcasts, sound for film.
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Zoom H6
A six-track recorder with interchangeable mic capsules. Designed to capture live performances, rehearsals, and film shoots with incredible clarity.
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Pro-Series Field Recorders

Recording professional sound for film has never been easier with Zoom’s multi-track field recorders.

Zoom F4

6-input/8-track field recorder. For indie filmmakers looking for Hollywood-quality audio.
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Zoom F8
8-input/10-track field recorder. For filmmaking and sound design.
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Handy Video Recorders

Zoom’s Handy Video Recorder combine high-quality audio and HD video to make filming music performances that much easier.

Zoom Q2n

An action camera with built-in X/Y microphones, 160-degree wide angle lens, and the ability to capture HD video. The ultimate camera for musicians.
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Zoom Q8
A compact camera that records four audio tracks and HD video. Perfect for musicians and creators everywhere.
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Multi-Track Recorders

Get studio-quality recording with Zoom’s multi-track recorders.

Zoom R16

A 16-track recorder with built-in stereo mics and eight mic/line inputs. Use it as a recorder, DAW control surface, or an audio interface.
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Guitar + Bass Pedals

Zoom’s guitar and bass pedals let you truly express your creativity through music.

Zoom G1Xon

A complete and compact guitar pedal with effects.
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Zoom G3n
A guitar pedal that offers the freedom and flexibility to create your own sound.
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Zoom G5n
For serious guitarists who enjoy storming the stage with incredible sounds and effects.
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Zoom B3n
The authentic sound of a bass guitar paired with complete versatility.
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